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We are entrepreneurs.

We love to create. We love to provide value. We love to innovate. We love to serve.

And, we love to help other businesses succeed.

Pixelayn was born out of a deep desire to improve the user experience in the marketing industry and to raise the bar for customer service. We’re tired of watching companies ignore and neglect their customers. We must all stop settling for subpar service and expect more from service-based businesses. We won’t go as far as to stop the motor of the world, but we will work to serve as a leader for the marketing industry (and all other industries) to follow.

There’s not many better feelings in the world than the positive feelings we experience from a successful business partnership. Let’s connect today and determine if we’re a good fit to help your business thrive.

Ryan Glick

Ryan Glick

Co-Founder & Co-Owner


EDUCATION: BBA MIS from Univ. of Iowa, MBA in Marketing & Management from Univ.of Iowa

EMPHASIS: Information Technology & Marketing

HOBBIES: Family, Reading & Running

COOL EXPERIENCE: Once shadow boxed with Mohammed Ali



Bryan Gill

Bryan Gill

Co-Founder & Co-Owner


EDUCATION: BS Computer Science from Univ. of Northern Iowa

EMPHASIS: User Experience Design & Engineering

HOBBIES: Coaching Youth Sports & Fishing

COOL EXPERIENCE: Zip lining down a mountain in Hawaii

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