Phase 1

We worked closely with the owner of Metal Artisans to better understand his vision for the website design project. Out of those discussions, we came up with two primary goals. First, we needed a way to showcase prior project work with high quality imagery. Second, the website needed to provide prospective clients with a way to reach out. 

Once we fully understood the project goals, we shifted into establishing the right overall look and feel. This was done through the use of a mood board. We talked through the mood board in detail with our client to get his impressions of both options. Now that the mood of the brand and site was set, we were ready to move on to phase #2, site design.

Metal Artisans Mock-Up
Phase 2

Using the mood boards as a guide, our designer assigned to the project put together an initial mock-up for our client to review. The mock-up was adjusted based upon feedback from our client until we had it just right. From there, we shifted into implementing the overall design as an actual website. During the implementation phase, we held recurring touch point meetings with our client to ensure we were headed in the right direction. 

After fully implementing the chosen design, we fine tuned the site prior to launch. This included enhancing performance and hooking up in any necessary integrations for Google Analytics, Social Media tracking, and more.

Metal Artisans Mock-Up


Working with the Pixelayn team has been an excellent experience.” —Nick Iwig, Owner

They set themselves apart with their commitment to understanding their customer’s needs and translating that into a first class website.”