What Is UX? And, Why Does It Matter?

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Customer Growth

First, what in the world does UX stand for? UX stands for user experience.

User experience at its core is rooted in psychology. At a high level, it involves the way we interact with the world in our day-to-day activities coupled with how the world interacts with us.

Let’s look at a simple example of someone who walks through a door…

The door will have something that can be used to open it. This can come in many forms—such as a handle you pull, a dial that’s turned, or a plate that you push.

The interaction between the person and the door represents one of the hundreds of user experiences we have (both good and bad) on a daily basis.

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What Type Of User Experience Do You Provide?

As a business owner, it’s important to spend time thinking about the type of user experience you’re providing.

Is it positive or is it negative?

Either way, it has the ability to strengthen or weaken your company’s brand and impact what the customer thinks about your business.

For instance, consider a customer’s journey within your company. Will the customer experience exceptional service from start to finish—the kind of service that will drive the customer to share this positive experience with others? And, will this same positive experience occur for customers who start their journey on your website?

Digital User Experience

If your company offers products and services on the internet, you now have to consider a digital user experience.

Your website must be accessible to all people, it needs to be discoverable, and it must work well on mobile devices.

When designing for a digital experience, it’s very important to understand how your customers and prospects use your website. If you build a website that doesn’t cater to your customers and prospects in your specific industry, your website will produce less than desirable results. 

This is why it’s so important to spend time researching your customers and prospects. With the right information, you can make educated website design decisions.  

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Bryan Gill

Co-Founder, Pixelayn Innovations

Bryan Gill

Co-Founder, Pixelayn Innovations